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Friday 05 October - Saturday 13 October

Theatre Upstairs

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Happy Now ? by Lucinda Coxon

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“Okay, I’m thinking: is this my life? My one and only life?”

A chance encounter at a conference hotel plays upon high-flying Kitty’s mind as she struggles to balance personal freedom with family life, friendships, fidelity, ageing parents and a testing job.

Blisteringly truthful and wonderfully funny, Happy Now? is a wise and darkly comic take on contemporary life and how to survive it.


 This play contains some strong language and is not suitable for children

An Amateur Production in association with Nick Hern Books

Friday 02 November - Saturday 10 November


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Orphans by Dennis Kelly

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While threat and menace pervade the neighbourhood, Danny and Helen keep their heads down and their mouths shut. The moment Orphans begins, though, Helen's brother appears in their flat, dripping with blood... But whose is it? And what is Liam hiding?

Plunging straight into a thrilling, contemporary suspense story, Orphans takes you on a chilling journey of emerging truth and buckling trust. Never free from an encroaching sense of dystopia, Orphans is both disturbing and naturalistic. Audiences leave with the feeling that society's horrors are closer and more nightmarish than ever before...

If you like your drama bleak and your humour black, Orphans is a must-see play.


** Orphans uses strong language throughout and tackles themes which some may find highly disturbing and/or distressing. Suitable for those aged 18+ only.


An Amateur Production in association with Casarotto Ramsay & Associates

Friday 30 November - Saturday 08 December

Theatre Upstairs

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Be My Baby by Amanda Whittington

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Set in a Mother and Baby Home in December 1964. Be My Baby follows Mary Adams who is unmarried and 7 months pregnant. Forcibly sent there by a mother intent on keeping up appearances Mary, along with other girls in the home, has to cope both with the shame and the dawning realisation that she will have to give up the baby for adoption.

Despite this, we share their laughter and tears as they dance their troubles away to the girl groups of the time in this bitter sweet comedy.


An Amateur Production in association with Nick Hern Books.


Production Management course


Dates: various dates as we will be working on productions between July 2018 - and April 2019


If you are interested in learning all the ins and outs of putting on a production, you can shadow a PM on a show next season. We will look at all aspects that are involved, from Auditions to the Get Out, and you can get involved by taking on smaller parts of the role, and learning the ropes, whilst having the support of an experienced PM.
The process takes 3-4 months per production and we will have regular meetings to ensure everything is covered.
If you would like to find out more or want to sign up, please contact Uli by emailing







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