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Friday 15 to Saturday 23 February 2019


in the Studio Theatre

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The Language Archive


by Julia Cho


directed by Sam Chittenden


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George is a brilliant linguist, consumed with preserving and documenting dying languages. But at home, he cannot find the words that will save his disintegrating marriage. His archival assistant is mute with adoration for him; and his newest subjects, an elderly couple who are the last speakers of an obscure language, refuse to utter a word to one another. A magically inventive comedy, The Language Archive traverses the gulf between what's said and what isn't. Whimsical, melancholic, yet life affirming, it deploys the universal languages of Esperanto and of love.


There will be some swearing in this production


An Amateur Production in association with William Morris Endeavour Entertainment




Friday 15 to Saturday 23 March 2019

in the Theatre Upstairs


The Father poster web

The Father


by Florian Zeller


directed by Mary Allen


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The Father is about Andre, a man with dementia, wrestling to control or even understand his daily life. It is an acute, funny and ultimately distressing portrait of the condition. The audience shares Andre's uncertainty about his multiple confusions. Is the action taking place in his flat, or that of his daughter Anne? Is Anne about to abandon him to live in London with a new lover, or does she remain in Paris, taking her dad to live with her? And indeed who is Anne? How is Anne is going to look after her increasingly frail father? He saw off the previous carer and says he doesn't need anyone to look after him. A new carer arrives, but will he even recognise them since he fails to even recognise his own daughter? Will Anne find a solution that works for her, her husband and for Andre?


This amateur production of 'The Father' is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.





Friday 29 March

in the Theatre Upstairs





Charmless - NVYT


 A New Venture Youth Theatre Production


directed by Chelsea Mountney


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There once was a princess and after much strife she lived happily ever after... BORING!
A new darkly comedic, teen movie take on a classic fairy tale. Come and join the Ugly Club and other colourful characters for a drastic retelling of Cinderella.





Friday 12 to Saturday 20 April 2019

in the Studio Theatre


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Pickwick and Weller


by Barry Purchese


(& Charles Dickens!)


music by Michael James


directed by Rod Lewis


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Samuel Pickwick is a warm hearted and well meaning man of advancing years but, despite his age, still something of an innocent. As he sets forth on his adventures into the wider world he is easy pickings for rogues such as Alfred Jingle and the rascally lawyers Dodson and Fogg. He is in need of a protector and no-one comes better qualified than the street wise Sam Weller. Sam, with his singular brand of philosophy, never fails to make us laugh as he comes to the rescue of Pickwick time and again.





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