NVT New Writing

NVT has two very different performance spaces. One is a conventional layout, the other a studio which is much more flexible in its seating arrangements. NVT recommends that you attend performances in both theatres to see if either space would suit your play. This would also give you an idea of the standard of acting and production values at the theatre.

NVT does encourage new writing. However, being a voluntary organisation our script reading resources are limited, so anyone wanting to submit an unsolicited script should follow the procedure outlined below which is based on professional practice and is intended to help prepare new writers for that process.

1) Do not send us the script.

2) Send a treatment which should include:-

Name and contact details

Estimated length of running time

List of characters

Brief description of main characters

Setting and period of play

The basic storyline, whether it takes a conventional form or not.
This should be no more than a page in length.

Excerpts from a selection of 3 scenes. No more than 4 pages from
each scene.

If NVT is interested in proceeding further a full script will be requested. A thorough editorial process would then take place. This would be done by a team with many years of professional experience and a decision as to whether or not it is suitable for staging at NVT would be made.

Unfortunately our limited resources mean that, should we decide not to proceed further, NVT is not in a position to offer critical feedback and we can only consider writers local to the theatre.


Please send to: Artistic Director, New Venture Theatre, Bedford Place, Brighton BN1 2PT 

or by email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.